Salad recipe
Salad of red cabbage

Salad of red cabbage

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Soup recipe
Meat-balls soup with vegetables

Meat-balls soup with vegetables

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Dish recipe
Roast lamb with rice, mushrooms and green onions

Roast lamb with rice, mushrooms and green onions

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Dessert recipe
Cream “Malebi”

Cream “Malebi”

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  • Chilies are characteristic of Bulgarian table. They have strong flavor
    and spicy taste, ranging from sweet to spicy. Moreover, red peppers are
    very good source of vitamin A, vitamin C and fiber.
    How to store
    High quality, fresh chilies, will keep for a week in the refrigerator
    before you change color. For this purpose put unwashed fresh chilies in
    paper bags or wrapped in paper and stored in the vegetable compartment
    in the refrigerator.Peppers should not be stored in a plastic bag, as
    this would lead to wetting, and it in turn to a more rapid deterioration.
    For a long-term storage hot peppers are frozen in airtight envelopes.
    Freezing will keep the taste, but it is important to know that hot
    peppers are soft and mushy when thawed for later use.
    Rinse the peppers, remove their stems and place in the oven. They should
    not be drained. The most appropriate temperature for drying is about
    50-60C. The peppers are stored in airtight envelopes or boxes after dry.
    However, if moisture is left, it can cause molding during storage.Fresh
    pepper can also be left in the sun to dry. Once it is ready to be stored
    in a jar at room temperature for more than 6 months. If the target is a
    storage for longer, they were placed in the refrigerator.
    Chilies can also bake. They turn until their skin begins to turn brown.
    When ready, were placed in a paper or plastic bag for 15 minutes. Peeled
    skin, removes handles and other seeds. Peel the peppers are placed in a
    box with airtight in the refrigerator.
    A few tips:
    - When buying dried chili, he have to have saturated color. If lost
    its color, it is very likely to be lost the aroma as well;
    - To prepare ground cayenne pepper, then put the whole chilies in a
    blender home;
    - Peppers intact will be stored for much longer than broken or crushed.
    The skin of the peppers is an effective barrier against pathogens
    causing rot;
    - You have to use rubber gloves when working with hot peppers;
    - To reduce the spiciness of chili peppers, they must be washed, cut a
    length and remove the seeds and veins.

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