Cooking recipes from Traditional and latest recipes from the Bulgarian national cuisine. Salads, appetizers, meals, soups, desserts, preserves and others. Mint ice cream shake mint-ice-cream-shake-7/mint-ice-cream-shake-85/mint-ice-cream-shake-9875.html Mint ice cream shake Carrots with oatmeal and walnuts healthy-carrot-salad-with-oatmeal-and-walnuts-13/healthy-carrot-salad-with-oatmeal-and-walnuts-158/carrots-with-oatmeal-and-walnuts-9833.html Healthy carrot salad with oatmeal and walnuts Stuffed pumpkin with chicken and rice -9/-110/stuffed-pumpkin-with-chicken-and-rice-9712.html Cut a cap out of the top of the pumpkin and scrape out the pulp. Fry the onions first in a little bit of oil, then add the rice and the chicken fillet. Season with black pepper, savoury and salt. Stuff the cleaned out pumpkin with the mixture, pour over 2 -3 cups of warm water or bouillon and leave it to roast until it softens and the rice absorbs all of the water. Roasted stuffed carp -9/-114/roasted-stuffed-carp-9710.html Fry the onions until they soften, season with salt, add the savoury, black pepper and the crushed walnuts. Stuff the carp with the mixture and place it in a large baking pan. Arrange tomato slices on top of the fish. If you like, you can place chopped potatoes around the carp in the baking pan. Bake at moderate temperature until ready. Pork knuckle in an earthen pot -9/-108/pork-knuckle-in-an-earthen-pot-9709.html Season the meat with paprika and black pepper, garlic powder, salt and leave it in the fridge for 24 hours. Chop the carrots and potatoes into cubes, the peppers into slices, finely chop the onions, and leave the garlic as whole heads. Place the vegetables in a baking pan. Sprinkle over a little bit of oil and a tsp of nutmeg, a few seeds of allspice, paprika and salt. Pour about 1,5 cm of water and 300 g of red wine. Place the pork knuckle on top of the vegetables. Roast at low heat in the... Pork appetizer -9/-108/pork-appetizer-9703.html Cut the pork fillet and stew in oil and 300 ml of water, until tender. Add the finely chopped onions and mushrooms. Add a splash of water, season with salt and leave to boil until the water evaporates and the meal fries for a while in the oil. Serve the meal sprinkled with black pepper and seasoned with lemon juice. Pate from red peppers pate-from-red-peppers-with-garlic-13/pate-from-red-peppers-with-garlic-158/pate-from-red-peppers-9686.html Pate from red peppers with garlic Kourban soup tasty-dish-of--lamb-meat-9/tasty-dish-of--lamb-meat-106/kourban-soup-9671.html Tasty dish of lamb meat Baked rice with bacon delicious-winter-dish-with-bacon-9/delicious-winter-dish-with-bacon-109/baked-rice-with-bacon-9639.html Delicious winter dish with bacon Stuffed oysters -9/-114/stuffed-oysters-9638.html Chop finely the green onions and fry them in heated oil. Add the rice and fry it until it turns transparent. Remove from the heat and add to the mixture salt, black pepper and the finely chopped mint and dill. Clean well with a knife the oyster shells. Put them in boiling water and when they open up remove them immediately and leave them to cool. In each oyster place a spoon of the rice mixture, close it, wrap it tight with a thread and tie it. Boil the oysters for around 20 minutes in a pot... Roasted peppers with garlic roasted-peppers-with-garlic-11/roasted-peppers-with-garlic-141/roasted-peppers-with-garlic-9632.html Roasted peppers with garlic Homemade chutney with aubergines homemade-chutney-with-aubergines-11/homemade-chutney-with-aubergines-148/homemade-chutney-with-aubergines-9628.html Homemade chutney with aubergines Appetizer of green beans with mayonnaise appetizer-of-green-beans-with-mayonnaise-and-spices-2/appetizer-of-green-beans-with-mayonnaise-and-spices-404/appetizer-of-green-beans-with-mayonnaise-9530.html Appetizer of green beans with mayonnaise and spices Appetizer of green beans with eggs appetizer-of-green-beans-and-boiled-eggs-2/appetizer-of-green-beans-and-boiled-eggs-404/appetizer-of-green-beans-with-eggs-9529.html Appetizer of green beans and boiled eggs Jam melons jam-melons-11/jam-melons-147/jam-melons-9485.html Jam melons Compote melons compote-melons-11/compote-melons-145/compote-melons-9449.html Compote melons Donuts donuts-5/donuts-189/donuts-9374.html Donuts Baked tomatoes with eggs and cheese baked-tomatoes-with-eggs-and-cheese-8/baked-tomatoes-with-eggs-and-cheese-105/baked-tomatoes-with-eggs-and-cheese-9330.html Baked tomatoes with eggs and cheese Tasty vegetable salad salad-with-grilled-zucchini-and-fresh-tomatoes-1/salad-with-grilled-zucchini-and-fresh-tomatoes-277/tasty-vegetable-salad-9222.html Salad with grilled zucchini and fresh tomatoes Canned roasted peppers canned-roasted-peppers-11/canned-roasted-peppers-141/canned-roasted-peppers-9166.html Canned roasted peppers Greaves in jar greaves-in-jar-11/greaves-in-jar-141/greaves-in-jar-9161.html Greaves in jar Marinated beets in a jar marinated-beets-in-a-jar-11/marinated-beets-in-a-jar-141/marinated-beets-in-a-jar-9160.html Marinated beets in a jar Salad of tomatoes and lentils quick-salad-of-tomatoes-and-lentils-1/quick-salad-of-tomatoes-and-lentils-15/salad-of-tomatoes-and-lentils-9108.html Quick salad of tomatoes and lentils Compote of white seedless grapes compote-of-white-seedless-grapes-11/compote-of-white-seedless-grapes-145/compote-of-white-seedless-grapes-9031.html Compote of white seedless grapes Compote of black grapes compote-of-black-grapes-11/compote-of-black-grapes-145/compote-of-black-grapes-9030.html Compote of black grapes Plum compote plum-compote-11/plum-compote-145/plum-compote-9029.html Plum compote Ketchup starch lemon ketchup-starch-lemon-11/ketchup-starch-lemon-489/ketchup-starch-lemon-9028.html Ketchup starch lemon Coarsely chutney coarsely-chutney-11/coarsely-chutney-148/coarsely-chutney-9027.html Coarsely chutney Jelly apples and quinces jelly-apples-and-quinces-11/jelly-apples-and-quinces-144/jelly-apples-and-quinces-9026.html Jelly apples and quinces Summer dish with tomatoes and peppers summer-dish-with-tomatoes-and-peppers-11/summer-dish-with-tomatoes-and-peppers-490/summer-dish-with-tomatoes-and-peppers-9024.html Summer dish with tomatoes and peppers Hip jam hip-jam-11/hip-jam-147/hip-jam-9015.html Hip jam Salad of grilled zucchini salad-of-grilled-zucchini-1/salad-of-grilled-zucchini-277/salad-of-grilled-zucchini-8995.html Salad of grilled zucchini Chicken skewers with mayonnaise -9/-110/chicken-skewers-with-mayonnaise-8906.html Cut the chicken fillet into pieces and roll them in mayonnaise and spices. Thread the chicken pieces on the skewers and leave them for about 20 - 30 minutes. Then grill them on both sides until ready. Slavic stew with chicken breast quarter -9/-110/slavic-stew-with-chicken-breast-quarter-8864.html Cut finely the onions, leave the garlic heads whole. Mix the onions and garlic with the canned stew and the rice. Add a little bit of oil, black pepper and a chicken bouillon cube, diluted in a cup of hot water. Boil the chicken breasts in advance, take it out of the water and sprinkle it with black pepper and salt. Pour in the baking pan the rice and vegetables mixture, and place the chicken breasts on top. Bake the stew at moderate temperature for about an hour, if needed, add some more... Аpple cream apple-cream-with-raisins-and-walnuts-13/apple-cream-with-raisins-and-walnuts-160/apple-cream-8841.html Apple cream with raisins and walnuts Mash with banana, cottage cheese and crackers mash-with-banana-cottage-cheese-and-crackers-13/mash-with-banana-cottage-cheese-and-crackers-160/mash-with-banana-cottage-cheese-and-crackers-8828.html Mash with banana, cottage cheese and crackers Quinces jelly quinces-jelly-11/quinces-jelly-144/quinces-jelly-8800.html Quinces jelly Compote of pears and cornels compote-of-pears-and-cornels-11/compote-of-pears-and-cornels-145/compote-of-pears-and-cornels-8764.html Compote of pears and cornels Tomato mash tomato-mash-8/tomato-mash-92/tomato-mash-8760.html Tomato mash Garnish of green beans garnish-of-green-beans-1/garnish-of-green-beans-276/garnish-of-green-beans-8744.html Garnish of green beans Soup of zucchini and potatoes vegetable-soup-of-zucchini-and-potatoes-13/vegetable-soup-of-zucchini-and-potatoes-158/soup-of-zucchini-and-potatoes-8706.html Vegetable soup of zucchini and potatoes Salad of roasted vegetables and fruits salad-of-roasted-vegetables-and-fruits-1/salad-of-roasted-vegetables-and-fruits-277/salad-of-roasted-vegetables-and-fruits-8696.html Salad of roasted vegetables and fruits Salad of green beans and eggs salad-of-green-beans-tomatoes-and-eggs-1/salad-of-green-beans-tomatoes-and-eggs-276/salad-of-green-beans-and-eggs-8575.html Salad of green beans, tomatoes and eggs Broccoli salad with cashew nuts and tangerines broccoli-salad-with-dressing-and-cashew-nuts-and-tangerines-1/broccoli-salad-with-dressing-and-cashew-nuts-and-tangerines-15/broccoli-salad-with-cashew-nuts-and-tangerines-8572.html Broccoli salad with dressing and cashew nuts and tangerines Segetinska salad salad-with-beans-onions-and-cream-1/salad-with-beans-onions-and-cream-276/segetinska-salad-8566.html Salad with beans, onions and cream Traditional bean salad traditional-salad-with-beans-1/traditional-salad-with-beans-276/traditional-bean-salad-8555.html Traditional salad with beans Compote of apricots compote-of-apricots-11/compote-of-apricots-145/compote-of-apricots-8514.html Compote of apricots Grilled marrows grilled-marrows-1/grilled-marrows-15/grilled-marrows-8497.html Grilled marrows Omelette with potatoes omelette-with-potatoes-8/omelette-with-potatoes-105/omelette-with-potatoes-8485.html Omelette with potatoes Roasted pork leg with mustard seeds -9/-108/roasted-pork-leg-with-mustard-seeds-8483.html The roughly ground mustard seeds, the soy sauce, the black pepper, the roughly ground salt and the oil are mixed into a mash, which is spread over the meat. Leave it to soak in the refrigerator at least for two hours. After that coat the meat in aluminium foil and leave it to roast in the oven for 2 hours at 200C. At the end, tear the foil and leave the meat to roast until golden brown.