Salad recipe
Grilled marrows

Grilled marrows

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Meat-balls soup with vegetables

Meat-balls soup with vegetables

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Lamb drob-sarma

Lamb drob-sarma

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Cream “Malebi”

Cream “Malebi”

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Recipes for Dishes without meat

  • Fried green beans

    Fried green beans

    The green beans are boiled in salted water and then strained. Make breading from egg yolks, flour, salt, pepper and a splash of water, blending in the mixture, and add the beaten into foam egg whites. Dip each pod of green beans in the breading and fry in heated oil, then strain the oil, placing them on cooking paper.

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  • Lean stew with okra

    Lean stew with okra

    Fry the chopped onions in oil until soft. Add potatoes and diced tomatoes. Sprinkle with paprika and flour and pour in hot water just to cover the products. Add the washed okra. The dish is salted and left over low heat until the potatoes are tender.

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  • Tortilla with potatoes

    Tortilla with potatoes

    The peeled and diced potatoes are fried in a little bit of oil. Add the chopped ham or salami. Whip the eggs with the milk and pour them over the potatoes. Fry over low heat. Turn over the tortilla using a large plate, so it gets browns also from the other side. Cut the tortilla into quarters and serve seasoned with dill.

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  • Eggs with peas and corn

    Eggs with peas and corn

    Peel the tomato and cut it into cubes then stew in some butter. Add the canned corn and the peas and continue stewing. At the end add the eggs and stir. Season with salt to taste and serve warm.

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  • Baked leeks

    Baked leeks

    Cut the leeks into large pieces or rings and stew in the oil and 1-2 tablespoons of water. When they soften, add the flour and stir. In a separate bowl whip the eggs, add the grated or crumbled white cheese, yogurt, water, savoury and already cooled leeks. If the cheese is not too salty, add a little bit of salt. Mix well and pour into a tray. On top of the dish arrange pieces of butter and bake...

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  • Baked leeks with white cheese

    Baked leeks with white cheese

    The leeks are chopped into small pieces and placed in a baking pan with a pinch of salt, 2-3 tablespoons of oil and a cup of water. Bake for 15-20 minutes until the leeks soften. On top place the chopped tomatoes or tomato juice, and over them – the grated white cheese. The hot peppers can be placed whole in the pot, if desired. Bake for another 10 minutes, then pour over the dish the whipped...

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  • Meshenki with Mushrooms

    Meshenki with Mushrooms

    Soak the bread in the milk. In a bowl mix the finely chopped mushrooms, the grated boiled potatoes and onions, the drained from the milk bread and three yolks. The mixture is seasoned with pepper, a little bit of garlic and salt and kneaded until smooth. Form from the mixture small balls, roll them in bread crumbs, dip them in egg whites and fry in heated oil.

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  • Leeks with prunes and bulgur

    Leeks with prunes and bulgur

    Cut the leeks into about 3 - 4 cm long pieces, stew in oil and some water. Add paprika, bulgur and hot water. The meal is cooked over low heat until the leeks are cooked. Then add presoaked in cold water prunes. The dish is salted to taste and cooked until the plums soften.

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  • Breaded leeks

    Breaded leeks

    Cut the leeks into 5cm pieces and boil in boiling salted water. Dry them. Each piece is dipped in flour, eggs and a mixture of breadcrumbs, cumin powder and poppy. Fry the breaded pieces of leeks. Serve with yogurt sauce prepared from: 1 tub of yogurt, 1 tub of mayonnaise, 1 tbsp of mustard, 3 pressed garlic heads, salt, black pepper and dill.

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  • Baked rice with spinach

    Baked rice with spinach

    Stew the onions in a little bit of oil and water and then add the dashed spinach, fry it for a little while and then add the rice. When the rice is done frying the mixture is placed in a baking pan. Pour in 3 cups of water. Sprinkle with mint and bake at 150 degrees.

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  • Saut?ed potatoes

    Saut?ed potatoes

    Peel the potatoes, cut them into large cubes and boil in salted water with bay leaves. Be careful not to overboil them. Strain them and fry in small portions in highly preheated oil until golden brown. Before they are removed from the heat, add finely chopped dill, garlic, salt and pepper. Serve warm.

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  • Vegetable croquettes

    Vegetable croquettes

    Grill and peel the peppers, cut lengthwise into 3 parts and season with salt. On each piece put spreadable cheese and wrap them into rolls. Dip in beaten eggs, then breadcrumbs and pin with toothpicks. Fry in heated oil, drain on paper and remove the picks.

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