Salad recipe
Salad of red cabbage

Salad of red cabbage

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Soup recipe
Meat-balls soup with vegetables

Meat-balls soup with vegetables

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Dish recipe
Stuffed lamb (goatling)

Stuffed lamb (goatling)

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Dessert recipe
Cream “Malebi”

Cream “Malebi”

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Roast pork

  • Juicy roast pork with spices

    Time preparation: 20 minutes

    Processing time: 120 minutes

    Serves: 5

    1.5 kg. pork shoulder 2 tsp pepper salt 80 ml. olive oil 1 tablespoon soy sauce 2 tablespoons mustard 1 tsp black pepper 2 cloves garlic 2 carrots 1 cup white wine 1 cup water

    Method of preparation:
    Wash the meat and dry.
    Clean the garlic cloves and if is very large, cut in half.
    Peel carrots and cut, so be comfortable for put in the meat.
    The upper side of each piece of meat with a sharp thin knife make incisions in the form of slices. On the underside make small incisions, but deep enough to allow each to be placed on a piece of garlic and carrot.
    In some of the cuts are placed grain pepper.
    Combine soy sauce and mustard, and the resulting mixture was rubbed meat, so as to enter the well and into the incision.
    Place the meat in a baking tin, pour olive oil, add salt, sprinkle with pepper, then pour with the white wine and water. Cover with aluminum foil and baked in a preheated to 220 ° C oven - initially for about 50 minutes, then lowered to 180 ° C and baked for about 40 minutes.
    Check the meat if is ready, removing foil and bake until golden.
    Serve with a garnish of your choice.

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